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Knickers in a Twist

My little cheeky monkey is about to turn 2.  I have no excuses left.  It is time to get out of my rut, start taking more care of my appearance, and boost that confidence back to pre-pregnancy levels.  What better place to start than the purchase of new underwear.  Knickers to be…

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Pooping Sandcastles

If the heading doesn’t give it away then I will warn you that the main topic of this post is poo. And just for further clarity we are of course talking about baby poo. For those of a queasy disposition then do not read on any further. Don’t say I…

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CBeebies and Me

Who needs a watch when you have CBeebies? A list of the CBeebies programmes that keep me on track with my daily chores.

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The Unspoken List

Like most expectant parents I had read a lot of books before giving birth to my little cheeky monkey. There was sound advice on the day to day essentials of feeding, sleeping, clothing etc that I followed – in hindsight a little too religiously – but there was nothing on how to prepare for the unexpected. I am referring of course to the unpleasant “unspoken” things that become part and parcel of parenting.

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Harry, your mummy can’t sing. Nowadays I don’t have a problem with it but it’s not always been that way. I vividly remember the time in primary school that I had to stand next to the music teachers piano and sing “The Lord of the Dance” and much to the amusement of my fellow classmates I was stopped before I hit the chorus. Until I hit my twenties and Dolly Parton came in to my life I shunned away from any form of sing-along…

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