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Best of Both Worlds

Harry, As you grow up you will inevitably wonder who you take after.  So in readiness for this conversation I thought I’d better put pen to paper (ahem) and start jotting down just a few ways you take after us both.  When you are old enough to read this for yourself…

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Define Normal

Normal (adj) – Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical I am in a reflective mood today.  I am not going to get deep or political, or confess my inner demons for that matter.  It’s just that I have been presented with a situation recently that has made…

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Knickers in a Twist

My little cheeky monkey is about to turn 2.  I have no excuses left.  It is time to get out of my rut, start taking more care of my appearance, and boost that confidence back to pre-pregnancy levels.  What better place to start than the purchase of new underwear.  Knickers to be…

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Pooping Sandcastles

If the heading doesn’t give it away then I will warn you that the main topic of this post is poo. And just for further clarity we are of course talking about baby poo. For those of a queasy disposition then do not read on any further. Don’t say I…

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CBeebies and Me

Who needs a watch when you have CBeebies? A list of the CBeebies programmes that keep me on track with my daily chores.

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