Magic Moments

The best parts of my week with my little cheeky monkey

Magic Moments // Hot Wax and Wet Wipes

Bouyed by my recent makey-doo experiences with Harry, I jumped at the offer from a friend to take our children to the Cheshire Candle Factory.  We thought we would spend a good part of the day there and paid for the package which consisted of making a candle, decorating a candle holder, making a…

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Magic Moments // First Bake Off

I’ve been meaning to do a bit more “makey-do” stuff with Harry so when I was out shopping and spotted The Good Dinosaur Cake Packet Mix, it was a complete no-brainer what our next mum and son activity was going to be. The Good Dinosaur was the first film that we took Harry…

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Magic Moments // New Season Same Fun

It’s here.  It’s the time of the year I look forward to so much.  It is the start of Spring which means it’s time to pitch our caravan back down the coast.  My definition of happiness has to involve a caravan in there somewhere.  I love it.  It is our space where we just strip back…

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Magic Moments // Winter Clear Up

It only takes a few days of sunshine for me to start thinking about summer evenings sitting out in the back garden, catching the last few rays of the day, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face.  And then I look out of the kitchen window and I come back to earth…

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Magic Moments // Oops a Daisy

Harry just can’t seem to keep himself out of the wars.  He has been constantly falling over his own feet.  I thought it was because his new trainers were too big but a friend told me it could just be that he is growing and losing his balance as everything recalculates. …

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