9 Replies to “Snapshot of the Week #20”

    1. Thanks. We went to the one in Llangollen. Is that the one you have been to? The photo doesn’t tell the true story though because the rest of the day was a disaster. It was absolutely pouring down. The fake snow had all been washed away by the downpour. You couldn’t see out of the windows because they had misted over. We got that wet that H needed a change of clothing (luckily he had one – it was me that stayed soaked for a few hours), and he wouldn’t go anywhere near Santa. Typical for me! Best bit about the day was that photo and the hot drink and pizza we shared afterwards. 🙂

  1. There’s a face of total concentration, taking it all in!

    Hope you had a great Christmas and thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot x

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