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Month of Firsts – Mid Year Round-Up 2018

I have been sooo slack at keeping my Month of Firsts posts updated this year. In fact I am truly embarrassed by my lack of effort. To think these posts were originally set up to help me with my memory recall.  Something I struggle with as a result of my…

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Tips For Cycling With Young Children

Next week we are off on our family summer holiday.  Traditionally this involves loading up the boot with all our camping gear and sticking the bikes on the back of the car.  Cycling is a big part of our holiday plans.  We enjoy the freedom of getting out and about…

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Snapshot of the Week // Super Soaker

  We popped down to the coast at the weekend and thankfully the weather was Scorchio! We have a stash of water pistols at the caravan but they are all a bit to big for H to handle, so we bought him one with its own refillable back pack. It…

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New Paddling Pool // My Week In Pictures // Week 13

I can’t believe how nice the weather has been the last week or two.  More importantly, that it has been nice at the weekend, even a Bank Holiday one.  I was thrilled we had no plans so we could just get out there and enjoy it. Who knows, this few…

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My Story Series – Parenting with Cerebral Palsy

Recently I posted a very personal piece on how I was diagnosed with epilepsy in my 30’s and the impact that had on me starting a family.  My intention was not as a pity post, it was done instead to educate and raise awareness of how certain conditions can affect…

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