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My Week In Pictures // Week 12

This pictures for this week’s edition for “My Week In Pictures” are a few more from our time in Anglesey.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t get much warmer, but like all avid campers in this country, we packed for all weathers and managed to get out and about regardless. Top: This…

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Quick Meal Ideas For Kids – Around the World In 7 Days

As a working Mummy I am guilty of falling in to the trap of cooking “beige” food.  I get in from work and immediately head to the freezer to see what I can serve for H’s dinner.  Convenience is very high on my agenda, and I know that H will…

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My Week In Pictures // Week 11

The photos this week are from the first week of the school Easter holidays. It is also our first visit to Anglesey this year, and a rather chilly one at that. But despite the weather – cold, raining, windy – we still managed to get out and about and make…

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How to Explain Stranger Danger To A Young Child

H has a school trip in a few weeks. His whole class are off to visit a museum.  It will be so much fun for him and I am trying to be excited, but deep down I am worried sick.  The chances of anything happening are very slim, but in…

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How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Day At Nursery School

As a parent, one of the most stressful times is seeing your child off for their first day of nursery school.   Emotionally I thought I was prepared.  I was overly-giddy on the way in to school as we chatted away about how much fun he was going to have and…

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