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How our cat puts up with my little cheeky monkey is beyond me. But he keeps on coming back for more which can only mean one thing to Harry – playtime!

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Kiss the girls

Our little cheeky monkey is a charmer. How he turns it on to woo the ladies wherever we are. Like father like son.

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Monkey Business

I love the zoo. Monkeys, primates, chimps, whatever it is you want to call them, I just love anything that can nonchalantly scratch its own bare bum whilst swinging through the trees. My favourite stop-off is the chimpanzee enclosure. Co-incidentally it is also my son’s favourite…..

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We mothers should have more recognition for our efforts. Could this come in the form of a Degree? Definitely a lot more useful in the world than some other Degrees out there….

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Nappy Attack

The choice of nappies is baffling. An honest account of one mum’s very public melt-down.

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