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The Big Bandana Bake – Brain Tumour Awareness Month

This March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month and the Brain Tumour Charity are launching a campaign called The Big Bandana Bake.  Wannabe bakers all around the country are being encouraged to don a bandana, get messy and hold a bake sale.  The goal is to help the Charity raise £150,000. …

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How being diagnosed with epilepsy in my 30’s impacted my life

As the title of this piece suggests I was diagnosed with epilepsy quite late on in life.  Until that point I hadn’t even met anyone with epilepsy nor come across anyone having a seizure.  Ashamedly the only thing I associated with epilepsy was seeing people convulsing on the floor.  Therefore…

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What is a cervical screening test and what happens during one?

Ladies, you should have noticed a lot of coverage recently highlighting the need to book in for a cervical screening test (in old school money this was referred to as a smear test).  This is because in January is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.  As it would happen, my appointment was…

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Fabulous Xmas Gift Ideas For Teacher For Under £15

How do you know what to buy a teacher for Xmas?  How do you tell them you appreciate what they are doing without looking too cheap or too flash.  What is the right amount to spend?  What are decent Xmas gift ideas? I find this a tricky problem to resolve. …

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7 Simple Christmas Cards To Make With Kids

My four-year old son has come home from school with a project to complete over the holidays.  Our assignment is to produce a Christmas card for a local schools competition.  Harry is not a makey-doo kind of child, and I don’t have much flare for it either.  I just have…

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