My Week In Pictures // Week 11

My Week In Pictures // Week 11

The photos this week are from the first week of the school Easter holidays. It is also our first visit to Anglesey this year, and a rather chilly one at that. But despite the weather – cold, raining, windy – we still managed to get out and about and make the most of it.  A beach trip – whatever the weather – is a necessity.  Looking around the beach there were children in short and t-shirts, others all wrapped up, and then me……two coats, thick socks and a woolly hat.  And yet I was still cold!

Top: I always write our name in the sand but this year Harry did his own. It’s the first year he’s been capable of doing it, and it was a real bitter-sweet moment for me.  Another “first” to record, and another sign of how grown-up he is getting.


Middle: The tide was going out and H was following it down the beach. I love his reflection in this shot.


Bottom: After running around it was time to indulge in some rock pooling. I love his wind whipped rosey cheeks in this one. He looks so happy and content.


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