My Week In Pictures // Week 3

My Week In Pictures // Week 3

Welcome once again to my new series of posts – My Week In Pictures.  It is where I choose a maximum of 3 pictures to sum up my week.  This collection of posts is designed to help me focus on the happy stuff in my week.  This series will also – hopefully – help me combine my three favourite things in my life: my family, my love of photography and blogging.

We have been on holiday – hence the delay in posting – so it has been a real challenge to pick my favourite ones.  The camera has been working overtime to capture all our special moments.  I think I have gone for the right ones.   What do you think?

Birthday, Chocolate, Pudding, Dylan's, Menai

Newborough, Ice Cream, Anglesey

Newborough, North Wales, Coast, Snowdonia, Beach

Top:  It was my birthday on the first day of our holiday and so we went out to celebrate.  We went to Dylan’s Restaurant in Menai Bridge.  It is my favourite place so I am so glad that we could tie the two things together.  Harry told the waitress it was my birthday.  When my pudding came out she must have let the kitchen know because the plate had all been decorated.  Note the smudge in the H due to a cheeky little monkey too impatient to wait!  The chocolate brownie that accompanies it was pretty special and someone got his fair share of that as well.

Middle: No trip to Anglesey is complete without a visit to Newborough Beach.  It must be one of the few places in the world where the forest, beach, and mountains all come together.  The ice-cream van does a roaring trade and is definite pit-stop.

Bottom:  No matter how many times we go back I just don’t tire of that view across to the Snowdonia National Park and the Llyn Peninsula.

See you next week.


Harry’s Honest Mummy x


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